Dominik Karaca

Photographer & Content Creator

I am Dominik and based in Hildesheim/Germany.
Photographer and Filmmaker with passion.
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About me

I started with photography back in 2018. From the start I put a lot of effort and time into my work and I'm still trying to improve every day. I never thought to be at this point with my skills when it comes to editing pictures and videos shot by myself. I am really happy to say that I found my passion in it and I love spending time in this creative process.
Nowadays when smartphones and social media like Instagram, Youtube and TikTok play such an important role in our society because everything gets visualized it is essential to be online representive. And the best way to be representive in the internet are professional photos of yourself, your events or your products. Nothing catches emotions more than perfect visualization of your offer.

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- Do it with passion -